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Rich in protein lectin, amino acids, calcium and potassium also has a natural PH level of 4.5 this aids
in the neutralisation of the scalp which enhances cellular regeneration which is key to hair growth.
Regardless of how oily or dry hair our conditioner locks in its natural moisture and gives it a non-
greasy shiny glow. Highly recommended for stopping shedding and breakage.


Directions for use

On freshly washed hair, part hair into sections. Generously apply Black Hair conditioner on a section
and use your fingers/ wide tooth comb to detangle, leave in hair for 5-10 min. rinse out with warm


  •  Restores moisture back in hair
  •  Balances scalp PH
  •  Rich in vitamins B B2 B6 B12 and C
  •  Treats dandruff
  •  Softens and loosens curls
  •  Promotes healthy hair growth
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